About Vesta Capital, LLC

Company Overview

Vesta Capital is poised for conquest of new ways of working in both developed and emerging regions. Our fund management division is dedicated to providing high quality investment management service to a limited number of clients with aggresive investment objectives. The niche established by the firm is that of a boutique, performance-oriented investment advisory that focuses on delivering a high level of client service. It is the goal of the firm to create portfolios that can generate superior risk-adjusted rates of return over a full market cycle. Our investment processes methodically filter investment vehicle candidates using specific criteria and each buy/sell decision is based on specific characteristics we have identified in our active markets.

Our research and advisory division aims at building an information and advisory bridge between the developed world and the West Asian region. In a highly volatile and vibrant region with low state transparency, we conduct our energy into the quest for original and accurate information that empowers our clients to advance their knowledge and decision-making. Vesta Capital’s clients value our ability to apply and communicate our work clearly and convincingly, our commitment to deliver unbiased findings, and our reputation for quality and independence. Our team of experts offers a solid combination of economic credentials, industry expertise, and experience for the areas we cover.

Our Mission
To provide original and high quality investment management, economic research and business advisory on our active markets for organizations, public institutions, news agencies, and individuals.

Our Strategic Vision
We will become a creative and reliable expert investment management, economic research and business consulting company via: 1- Offering and supplying expert solutions; 2- Expanding our network of companies world-wide; and 3- Expanding our network through establishing partnerships with creditable companies and organizations. The Strategic Objectives below specify how this goal can be accomplished:
  • Establish a network of expert partnerships worldwide in order to offer A to Z solutions for a wide range of clients;

  • Perform valuable research for our clients – We intend to provide real value for the ones, who need our expertise to enhance their knowledge and decision making;

  • Be independent – We are unbiased. We are dedicated to reality and to delivering unbiased findings;

  • Be a valued corporate citizen – We intend to be committed to our customers, suppliers, colleagues, the environment and the community at large.

Core Values
Vesta Capital, LLC is strictly governed by its core values. These core values form the culture and characterize the nature of the company. They steer how we perform and make decisions. The values underline our work, how we cooperate with each other, and which strategies we employ to accomplish our mission:

  • Integrity - We always act fairly with integrity and honesty when representing Vesta Capital. We will comply with the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and rules;
  • Client Focus - We take a client-centric perspective and put our clients´ legitimate interests first. We provide our clients superior service attuned to their local needs;
  • Independence - We offer our clients independent, trusted and unbiased advice and ensure no conflicts of interest arise;
  • Excellence - We act to maintain the good reputation of our management team and do our best to hire, maintain, develop, and train high-quality professionals to ensure we offer superior service to our clients;
  • Confidentiality - We respect the confidential nature of the information we handle, and do not divulge or use confidential information for personal benefits or for the unauthorized use by others.

We help create an energizing and supportive environment at Vesta Capital by working together as a team and always seeking to advance our good reputation and standing. Among other things, we endeavor to be positive contributors to our industry´s good reputation and to our local communities. We treat our role as an economic consulting and business service provider as an ethical profession, providing clients with objective, unbiased representation.

Why Us?
Vesta Capital, LLC has fashioned a value creative strategy to facilitate a full range of services for the people who tend to broaden their knowledge, decision-making, and business horizon in regions with low state transparency. Vesta Capital distinguishes itself in the following factors in its target markets:

  • A Highly Skilled and Experienced Team - Vesta Capital’s team ranges from accomplished and capable economists to business professionals who have graduated from top ranking universities and business schools in the US, Europe, and West Asia and worked for many multinational and regional corporations, banks, and research institutions. Their great global and regional knowledge, experiences, and skills make them competent in facilitating high quality business to people who seek their services.
  • A Client Focused Organization - Treating the customers appropriately can go a long way towards establishing a reputable and successful business. At Vesta Capital the team exerts its utmost efforts to keep its clients fully satisfied and work towards their best legitimate interest.
  • A Strong Network of Strategic Partners - Vesta Capital has established a network of proficient strategic alliances to expedite the development of promising new research and solutions, to bring together the staff and expertise needed to create desirable new skill sets and capabilities, to improve supply chain efficiency, to establish a stronger beachhead for participating in the target markets, and to acquire market access through joint marketing agreements. By adopting this strategy Vesta Capital is able to excel its clients more effectively and efficiently.


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